Easy Remodeling Tips to Increase Your Home's Value


One of the simplest, most cost-effective improvements you can do to increase the value of your home. Freshly painted rooms look clean and updated. Keep in mind neutrals appeal to the majority of home buyers.

Low-Maintenance Landscaping

Shrubs and colorful plants are a great way to add curb appeal to any home. When shopping at your local garden center, make sure that you purchase plants that are native to your region or plants that are low maintenance.

Update Your Ceilings

There are a few design elements that date homes. Popcorn ceilings is the element that any home buyer can see is dated at first glance. So dedicate a weekend to ditching the dated look and adding dollar signs to the value of your home.

Bathroom Upgrades

Upgrades can range in cost. You can do small updates like upgrading lighting and fixtures. Or larger projects like installing new sinks, tubs, showers, or toilets, retiring & adding storage space.

Upgrading Your Outdoor Space

Making your outdoor space more accessible and functional also increases home value. If you already have a deck or patio, pressure wash and refinish it if necessary. Repair or replace any old, rotting boards or broken pavers, and strip flaking paint and stain.